WordPress is the most popular site-building platform in the world. It offers quick and secure services to its clients to build websites using countless tools and plugins. Unfortunately, owners of these websites need to perform regular tasks to maintain the security and integrity of the system. They do not take much time when performed daily, but they offer exceptional returns.

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Password Change

Passwords are the safeguard that can keep prying eyes and people with malicious intent out of your website. First, you should always use strong passwords, preferably combinations of unique characters, numbers, etc. Second, you should make a routine of changing WP site passwords periodically.

Complete WordPress Maintenance Backups

WordPress sites offer excellent backup plugins that work automatically behind the stage. Still, there are chances of software corruption or any other anomaly. It is best to stay on top of the changes and manually execute and/or review your backups every time.

WordPress Files Updates

WP releases periodical updates for core, plugins, and themes. They are rolled out to keep existing systems from the latest threats.  These components should be updated regularly to ensure it is as secure as possible.

Delete Spam Comments

Websites can be flooded with spam comments, becoming an eyesore for site users. There are tools to combat this, but the best solution comes from the synergy of the machine and human intelligence. So, it should be another essential for your WordPress maintenance routine.

Database Optimization

WP sites store all the data on the parent database, consisting of settings, users, and comments. Often, it hoards useless data that must be eradicated to improve your pagespeed and other metrics. Optimization results in clutter-free databases.

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