SFOC for UAV Photography

Through a partnership with Eye in the Sky Aerial Photography, Mr. Charlton has been granted a special flight operations certificate for UAV operations. UAVs (although commonly referred to as “drones”) are small, remotely controlled aircraft which typically have a payload for photography/videography.

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This means that we can fly most locations, at relatively short notice, with the permission of Transport Canada. We have had more interest recently from real estate brokerages as our quick turnaround and legal operations provide quality aerial footage, in a short period of time, with no hassles. Although many operators continue to provide these services without the proper authorization, we have gone this route as we have the supporting experience, certifications and $2MM liability insurance for our UAV as well as over $2MM commercial liability insurance for our operations.

Please do not hesitate to contact us today for an estimate for your next aerial photography project: www.eyeinsky.ca

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